My Planner Flip Through

June 14, 2015

Hi everyone!  As you know, I've officially reached planner peace in my Filofax (see How to Create a Divider System in Three Steps), so I thought I would do a planner flip through to show you what my planner looks like right now.  Just warning you now it's a very photo-heavy post.

So I am currently using my Duck Egg Blue Patent Filofax.  It's a compact size, so ring space is limited and I have to really think about what I actually want to include in the rings.

So when you first open up my planner, you'll see my Paris themed dashboard with a few binder clips and some Paris page flags.  In the top card slot, I have a few paper clips I made.  In the bottom card slot, I have a note pad where I write quick notes and lists.  In the flap in the front, I'm storing a small stack of large Project Life cards.

When you flip past my dashboard, you'll see a set of dividers I made.  The first divider holds my actual planner pages shown here:

This is just a random decorated page that I have in my planner section.

My second divider holds my To-Do Lists like the one here:

Look familiar?  It's my Bee To-Do List Freebie!

My next divider is my inspiration.  I do different collages and put anything that really inspires me for motivational tools.

An example of one of my collages.

My next divider is where I keep my general notes.  It's really only note and graph paper, so I'm not going to include a photo for it.

This divider is where I keep all my contacts and most of my personal info.  Here's what my contact sheets look like:

I used the standard contact sheets that come with Filofaxes, but I added a few stickers to add some pizazz.

Last but not least we have my budgeting divider.  This is where keep track of all my expenses and anything having to do with money.  Here's what some of the sheets in my budgeting section look like:

I primarily use my Expenses & Purchases Freebie for my budgeting section.  I also have an envelope I made stuck on the back of my divider as well which I use to hold cash.

At the back pocket of my planner I keep my smaller Project Life Cards.

Thanks for reading!  Make sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think and also remember to enter my giveaway here!


  1. I really love your setup Beth.
    Your dividers are beautiful and i love ur inserts.


    1. Thanks Joanny! I'm really glad you think that!