Planner of the Week: Erin Condren Life Planner!

June 27, 2015

Hi guys!  I thought I'd mix things up today for Planner of the Week with a spiral planner system rather than a 6-ring binder system.  The spiral planner that will be featured today is none other than the Erin Condren Life Planner!  So what is an Erin Condren Life Planner (AKA an ECLP)?

ECLP are spiral planners that are very versatile in uses, whether it is from a change in your covers to even a change in planner lay-out.  Erin Condren now offers two lay-outs, vertical and horizontal.

Personally, I prefer the horizontal lay-out because I don't like that the vertical lay out divides each day into morning, afternoon, and night sections for each day, and I like having just one section for each day, because most of the time I don't schedule things in my planner by time.

Another things I like about ECLP is that they offer a wide range of accessories for planner geeks who like to decorate their planners, such as planner bands, planning stickers, and colorful pen meant to work on ECLP without bleeding.

Like what you see?  Use the special referral code here to get $10 off your order or planner.  When you use your referral code, it also benefits me too by giving me store credit to help fund for a ECLP for myself to share on Live. Love. Planners. (and hopefully get one for a giveaway for you!)

Thanks for reading!  Make sure to comment below and tell me what you think of ECLP and also remember to enter my giveaway here!  Only 8 days left!

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