Finding the Practicality in Planner Decoration

June 11, 2015

It's one of the most controversial topics you'll see in the Wonderful World of Planner is Supplies:  To Decorate or Not to Decorate?  After reading the article Accessories and Planners: Do They Really go Together by The Fabulous Planner, I really thought to myself about whether I really should have accessories and decoration in my planners.  It took me a while to actually realize that one of my favorite parts about planning was being able to find practicality in decorating or finding uses for stationery that most people would find as a distraction or a waste of time in their planners.  For example, when most people would use page flags as decoration, I use them to write events that have pending date so I can move them around my planner.  Washi Tape?  I write on pieces of it as labels.  Project Life Cards?  I use them to write notes on.

My point is, certain aspects of planner decoration don't necessarily have to be just for eye candy.  Decoration in planners can be a motivator to make you actually want to take the time to plan as well for general uses in your planner.

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  1. I never could understand the whole decorating for the sake of pretty, but as pointed out, it could be a motivation thing. I am currently using a Franklin Covey Compact, vertical layout. Even though the pages are slightly wider than the Filofax Personal, I still can't give up that real estate. Any sticky notes, flags, washi, or colors have a purpose. Now, if they coordinate and make a visually appealing page...Woo Hoo!

    1. Totally Carla! After all, the purpose of having a planner IS to plan, but I love finding little pretty supplies that will help the efficiency of my planner but still will let me plan. That why I don't usually add any supplies that don't serve a use to boxes I plan with so I'll have room to write down details.