Week of 6/8: Decorated Pages!

June 09, 2015

Hi everyone!  For this week's pages, I went with the theme "Pretty in Pink", and my mind set was anything and everything pink and sparkly!  Like my decorated pages post a couple weeks ago, I decided to recycle some old birthday cards I have been keeping to help decorate.  Here's my end result:

For the bookmark in this picture, I used a sparkly heart sticker I had on hand and the backing of an old card that was EXACTLY the perfect height for a personal sized bookmark, not trimming needed.  For the pink heading I used an old envelope in place of scrapbook paper.  The sparkly arrow is a sticker I hot glued onto a paper clip making a nifty little pointer for important events.  The sparkly deco at the bottom is sparkly washi tape that I was given to as a gift, so I'm actually not sure where that from.

That's it for today!  Thank you for reading and make sure to comment below for any requests for upcoming decorated pages.  Also make sure to enter my giveaway here!

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