An Interview with Abby from Spread the Giggles!

June 12, 2015

Hi everyone!  Today I am very excited to have a fellow planner geek here today, Abby from Spread the Giggles!  I asked her a couple questions, and here's what she said:

My name is Abby and I'm 20 years old living in England. I've been using planners for around 3 years now, although I've always had an interest in organisation and planning. I run a blog which is updated as often as I can but not as often as I'd like, but feel free to have a peek! Thank you Beth for getting in contact and being so kind, it's a pleasure to be a guest for your blog!

1. What planner/planners do you have? Are there any you want to get?
I currently have a pink A5 Finsbury filofax and a mint with gold spots A5 Kikki-K planner. I don't currently want any more at the moment :)

2. What planners are you using at the moment?
I stopped using any planners for a few months for personal reasons, but lately have started to use my mint Kikki K again. I missed being able to feel organised and use my washi tapes.

3. What are your favorite planner brands?
Probably Kikki-K. Their paper quality and design is much better than Filofax in my opinion, but the planners are pretty expensive especially with shipping and custom prices. Paperchase is pretty good although I've never tried their own planners out myself, only their inserts.

4. Where do you draw inspiration from for your planner?
Mainly from Instagram. You can find lots of inspiration on the filofax hashtag! Also watching setup videos on Youtube is a great source of inspiration.

5. Do you any favorite planner bloggers?
I have a list of my favourite planner related blogs here.

6. What are 5 things for your planner that you absolutely can't leave the house without?
I don't take my planner anywhere so it stays on my desk, and all my planner related stuff is in my desk drawers :) But if I had to go on a trip and took it with me, I would probably need to take a few pens and pre-decorate the weeks I was away.

7. What is the current theme for your planner pages?
I haven't actually done one for this week as I've been so busy, but usually I pick a washi tape that I like for the week and choose either some stickers/sticky notes that go with the tape.

8. What would you describe your planner decoration style as?
Minimalistic and fun. I hate making it too messy, I always find the more I add decoration the less I like the layout so I just keep it simple now.

9. How did you first discover your love of planners?
I can't remember exactly but I've always been into organization and cleanliness. I remember watching the movie New York Minute and one of the main characters has a 'day planner' which I tried to mimic before I found out about Filofaxes a few years later. I love the fact you can remove, add, and move around pages to suit your needs.

10. What is your favorite thing about Live. Love. Planners.?
I really enjoy reading the little tips and hints, and generally seeing how your planner is setup :)
Thank you so much for coming and answering the questions Abby!  Make sure to check out Abby's blog here and also remember to enter my giveaway here!  If you are interested in being featured in an interview on Live. Love. Planners, send me an e-mail at!  Thanks for reading!

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