Giveaway Haul (from Miss Puff!)

June 25, 2015

Hi everyone!  In my last post, I mentioned that I received my giveaway prizes from (the very generous) Miss Puff!  Because I used most of the items included in the giveaway I thought I would share the items I received.

Here's a picture of everything I received (so much happiness!).

Some of the items I was most excited to receive were stickers!  Lately I haven't been able to get a hold of any stickers (one of the many downsides to being a planner geek on a budget!), so I was so happy to get these cute lil' stickers.  I received two sheets of felt sheep stickers, one sheet of Rilakkuma stickers (so cute!), and quite a few sheets of color coding stickers.

Yay!  Washi tape!  I was really excited to receive all these rolls of washi.  In total, I received 8 rolls of washi, two of them being holographic tape, four being skinny tapes, and two being deco tape.

I also got a nice collection of page markers!  The blue one the farthest to the left is a Penny Press paper clip, which I love because it has great versatility due to the fact the tail can easily be moved back or let loose.  I also received a sheep wooden paperclip, which originally was made entirely out of wood, but when I tried to place it in my planner, the clip broke so I attached a metal paperclip to the back of the sheep instead.  To add to both of these clips, I also received a metal paperclip with an epoxy sticker backed with a banner-like print.  I also got a Santa wooden clip, which will definitely be used for all my Christmas planning.

Isn't this a cute stationery set?  I'm not familiar with brand Belle & Boo, but this whole set is so adorable!  It includes a ruler, a pencil, an eraser, and a sharpener.

I love this Things To Do List Pad!  It is a great size to punch holes in to stick in my Personal Filofax!  Although it required some trimming, it made a great page marker.

This little bunny card is so cute!  I am most likely going to cut out the bunnies and make them into page markers.

Aren't these Badtz Maru note cards cute?  I am most likely going to laminate them and punch holes in them to make some reusable note cards for my Weekly Decorations.

The next item I received was these cute little weather stamps which are perfect for recording weather in my planner.  These are actually my first set of stamps, so I was so excited to get them!

Yay!  Post-its!  They always come in handy for me,  I like to write down events with no solid date set to put in my weekly pages so that way I can move the event around without making it permanent in writing.

So that's everything!  A big thanks to Miss Puff for all these items, I'm really excited to use them all!  Make sure you check out the Miss Puff site here!  Thanks for reading!  Make sure to enter my giveaway here!  Only a few more days left!

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