Make Expenses Fun! *FREEBIE*

April 11, 2015

Hey everybody!  Sorry I wasn't here for Filofaxer of the Week (hopefully this wasn't too much of a disapointment to everyone), so I thought I'd make it to you with a freebie! This particular freebie is meant for recording expenses and purchases, so it is great for keeping records of all different purchases.  The format of this printable has very loose and adaptable format, making it very adjustable for anyone. Now that I have done my fair share of blabbering, here are some pictures of the printable itself and the printable inside of my Filofax:

Cool huh? But don't worry, you can have one too! Just click the links below for Pocket (Small), Personal (Medium), and A5 (Large) sizes!

A5 Size
Personal Size
Pocket Size

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