The Front of my Planner

April 30, 2015

Since my planner is in shambles, (see my article, An Update on my Planner...), I have been constantly adjusting and tidying and organizing. During this process, I have been able to perfect the front of my planner, which to me is one of the most important parts of a planner to have organized. Here's why:

Imagine your next week is going to be a total chaos of events and errands, (but who knows, it might already be like that) and the first thing you do is open up your planner, only to find a mess in the front. After this, you feel discouraged to continue on further in the rest of your planner, and instead you just write down your schedule on a stray notepad just laying around.

To conclude: the front of your planner has to be pleasing to you, or else you will be discouraged from continuing on in your planner. Think of the front of your planner like the beginning of a book, if you don't like the way it starts, you may not want to finish it. That's why I have decided to perfect the front of my planner, and here it is:

Ta da! What do you think? Now just in case you were interested in anything that I have in the front of my planner, here's what I used:

  1. Bow Paper Clip- Made by me, using the tutorial here
  2. Notepad- Flip Notes Refill pad
  3. Layered Pocket- Made by me, using the tutorial here
  4. Washi Tape on Layered Pocket- HeroNeo? Click here
  5. Eiffel Tower Sticker Flake- World of Kawaii Etsy Shop (click here)
  6. Fish Sticker- Unknown
So that wraps up today's post! Make sure to comment below and tell me what you think!


  1. This starts off as a decorating post, but it's really not. It contains the best piece of planner wisdom out there - your planner must work for you! Thanks for sharing that insight.

    1. Thank you Giftie Etctera! I'm so glad that you think that! I really adore your blog, so if you're interested, would you like to do a guest post?