Week of 5/25: Decorated Pages!

May 26, 2015

Hey guys! Lately, I have been lower of stationery supplies than I'd like to be *tear falls down cheek*, so after trying to find an alternative to washi tape and sticker, I have been using old cards! That's right, birthday and holiday cards from brands like Hallmark.  I have found that most cards have very interesting edges and appliques, which makes great for my weekly planner page decoration. Here's my pages decorated with old cards:

I really love how it came out! One of the cards had this very lovely scalloped edge which I thought acted as a very nice trim for my pages.  I also used part of the card to make a bookmark and I thought this also added a nice touch and brought it together.  In place of stickers, I used appliques from the card (the butterfly and the flower).  I also used the remaining parts of the card to make borders on each day.  Overall, I am pretty happy with the idea, and I will be trying it again in the future.  Make sure to comment and tell me what you think as well as any ideas you may have for my planner pages (I love hearing from everyone!) Thanks for reading!

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