An Interview with Sachiko from Filofax Love

May 22, 2015

Hi guys!  Today I am excited to have one of my favorite planner geeks today, Sachiko the blog Filofax Love!  And here she is!
Hi!  My name is Sachiko and I'm originally from Japan.  I got married to my British husband at the end of 2009 and moved to the UK in early 2010.  I love designing & creating inserts like dividers & refills for Filofax organisers, and I run Cute Organizing on Etsy!  I'm currently 7 months pregnant and I really have no idea what my life is going to be like in a few months time, but of course we're very excited!

1. What planner/planners do you have? Are there any you want to get?

I have several Filofax organizers in Mini, Pocket and Personal size (Saffiano, Malden, Finsbury & Charleston).  I haven't got any plans to buy a new one at the moment, but if I see something I really like I know that I won't be able to stop myself getting it lol!

2. What planners are you using at the moment?
My favourite model has always been Finsbury and my current main Filofax is Pocket Finsbury (Antique Rose)!  I tried to use the Personal size last year, but the Pocket size works best for me.


3. What are your favorite planner brands?
I used to love Japanese Hobonichi Planner, but my current favourite is Filofax!  

4. Where do you draw inspiration from for your planner?
New ideas just come up in my head sometimes, but I often get inspirations just by looking around at Filofax-related stuff on the internet :)

5. Do you any favorite planner bloggers?
I follow many blogs, but I check Facebook groups and Instagram more often these days as I really love looking at images of other people's planners, desks, handbags, etc!

6. What are 5 things for your planner that you absolutely can't leave the house without?

-Pilot Hi-Tec C (0.4)
-Sticky notes
-Bic ballpoint pen 

That's it!


7. What is the current theme for your planner pages?
My pages are looking pretty messy with just black ink and orange highlighter at the moment!  I used to love decorating them with washi tape, lots of stickers and doodles, but I also like this simple messy look!

8. What would you describe your planner decoration style as?
I don't decorate my pages anymore (I still use stickers & frixion stamps, though!) - they're more like to-do lists I refer to each day :)

9. How did you first discover your love of planners?
I started using a planner when I was 16, that's when I started living in Texas.  My cousin sent it to me from Japan, and I remember writing everything in that planner.  It's probably still at my parents' house- I must check it when I visit Japan next time!

10. What is your favorite thing about Live. Love. Planners.?

I've just been introduced to your blog, and I really love that you put up lots of images!  Hope you keep up your great work!

Thank you so much for the interview Sachiko!  If you are interested in being featured in an interview on Live. Love. Planners, send me an e-mail at!  Thanks for reading!

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