My Thoughts & Tips on Color-Coding

May 03, 2015

A very controversal subject in planner world is -you guessed it- color coding.  Some people love it and make it the most important part of their planner, others view it as a waste of time and avoid it as much as possible.  I myself have color coding in my planner, but I believe it is a very testy part of planning.  Some people over do it to the point were they have 15 different colors existing within their planner for the most explicit details in their daily life, meanwhile, I only have 5 at the moment.  Why I do this? Here's why:

Color coding is glance-at only

What I mean by this is that I believe the purpose of color coding is to be able to see what type of events will be on my schedule without having to read into the details of the event itself. When you go ahead and go color crazy, you'll constantly have to go back and look at your code to see what type of event it is. This defeats the purpose of color coding because you prevent yourself from "glancing" properly.  When you have only the five colors, it makes it easier to "glance" at your events.

How do I start my own color coding system?

Simply brainstorm the most general thing you do in your everyday life.  After that, choose a few that you think you need the most and assign them a color. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

That's it for today! Thank you for reading and make sure to comment below!


  1. When you say "types," do you mean school/work/home or errands/tasks/appointments?

    1. Yes, basically any general category you use to color code with.