My Zebra Pens Giveaway Winnings!

May 28, 2015

Hi everybody!  Recently I entered a giveaway on the blog She's Eclectic for these super cool Zebra pens in celebration of National Stationery Week, and to my surprise, I won!  In my giveaway prize package, I received a variety of different pens, such as ink, ballpoint, and even one fountain pen!  So here's what the pens I won, and a little review of them:

Z-Grip Smooth Ballpoint
These pens are amazingly smooth!  Even the first time I tried to write with them, the ink flowed so perfectly!  The color is great on them, and they are perfect for color coding in planners.

Z-Grip Funky Brights
I L-O-V-E the pattern on these! They are a super cool spin to my planner, and although they don't have as great as a flow as the Smooth Ballpoint, they still are perfect for my color coding.

Z-Grip Flight R
This pen has a fantastic flow as well!  It is great for regular handwriting in your planner and writing in general.

Zebra Sarasa
This pen probably has worst flow out of the rest the pens, but it is still great in general.  It writes with minimal stopping, but it is very inky which I love.

Zebra Fuente
This is for sure my FAVORITE out of all my pens. This is my fountain pen and it has a great nib! This pen I now keep in my planner and it is my main pen!

So just in case you wanted a visual on how the pens write, here is a little visual on it.  As you can see, all these pens write very well, so I recommend any of them.

And if any of you are cursive lovers, here's a sheet of the pens written in cursive.  The starred ones I recommend the most for cursive.

Thanks for reading!  I'd like to thank Amanda for hosting this giveaway and make sure to check out Amanda's blog here!

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