An Interview with Anna from Mrs. Brimbles!

May 15, 2015

Hi everyone! Today I am excited to have one of my favorite planner geeks here today, Anna from the Mrs. Brimbles blog! Here she is!
Hi everyone my name is Anna although most people know me online as Mrs Brimbles which is a nickname which, well, kinda stuck. So I am probably mostly known for my YouTube channel where I talk about all things planner related on Fridays as well as for my Etsy shop where I sell printable inserts and my art dashboards for ring bound planners and my online shop for the monthly stationery and planner subscription boxes - The Brimbles Box! Beth asked if she could interview me for her blog and of course I said yes! I love her blog and one of her newest fans. She very kindly sent me some questions and here I am with my answers.

1. What planner/planners do you have? Are there any you want to get?
I have more than I *NEED* but far less than I *WANT*! It is terrible, once you get in to the planner World you start discovering all of these planners that you never knew existed. I don't use all of my planners at once, I do have several on the go but not all of them. I change my daily planner around and swap in and out of them like other people do with handbags!
I have two A5, three pocket and the rest are all personal size.

I love all the ones that I do have but I would really like to get the Heidi Swapp Memory Planner as well as the Heart of Gold Planner from Marion Smith Designs.

2. What planners are you using at the moment?
Currently I am using my white Color Crush planner from Websters Pages as my daily. I also have the following:
  • A5 Black Filofax Finsbury: Journal
  • A5 Turquoise pantent Filofax Domino: FluffyFax
  • A5 Hot pink pantent Filofax Domino: For my online stationery shop / Brimbles Box
  • Personal red Original Filofax: Christmas planning
  • Personal Ultra Violet Filofax Domino: Housing old inserts

3. What are your favorite planner brands?
My favourites are for definite Filofax and Websters Pages but then I can't really comment on the other brands as I have never used one before!

4. Where do you draw inspiration from for your planner?
Mostly from my head! My mind is always whirring away and I am always thinking of new things. My planner is very much a tool for keeping me organised and on track but I do also like to use it as a creative outlet. I don't use stickers much in my journals but I do go to town with them in my planner!

I also love browing on instagram and Pinterest, there are so many wonderful accounts but it can sometimes get over whelming especially if you are new to it.

5. Do you any favorite planner bloggers?
I have loads, some of the ones right at the tip of my thinking are:
Hey Charlie, Chelley Darling, Philofaxy, She's Eclectic

6. What are 5 things for your planner that you absolutely can't leave the house without?
A pen. Basically that is it as everything else is just a nice to have not an essential for me. If I never decorated again it wouldn't bother me. Second on my list is sticky notes as I do like to jot little notes down and mini to do lists.

7. What is the current theme for your planner pages?
Whatever is going on in my head at that particular time. I really don't put much thought or effort into it. I use whatever is at hand, i.e. if I have just bought something new or I rifle through my sticker box and grab something that takes my fancy right then.

8. What would you describe your planner decoration style as?
oooh I don't know that is a tough one, I have never really thought of it as a style before, to me it is just my planner and an extension of me. I wouldn't say I particularly have one although other people may disagree.

9. How did you first discover your love of planners?
Back in school actually. We were all issued with a school planner (of course I decorated mine which I got told off about!). We were to record our homework in it, track our attendance etc. It started my long time love affair with keeping myself on track.

10. What is your favorite thing about Live. Love. Planners.?
I love Beth's friendly, chatty writing style as if we were having a chat in the same room!

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about me and if you are interested in seeing more of me, here is where you can find me...

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Thank you for asking me over Beth, it was really fun answering your questions and good luck with your new blogging venture!

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