Planner Review: Filofax Patent Compact Organizer in Duck Egg

May 29, 2015

Hey everybody! I know a lot of planner geeks (including myself) love to hear reviews on different planners to find out which planner is best for them.  In honor of my Duck Egg Patent Filofax's One Year Planner-versary tomorrow, I have decided to give a little product review on it and how it's held up over the years.

I bought my planner in the compact size, which I thought I wouldn't be a big fan of because it limits the space that you would get from a personal planner, but I was delightfully surprised.  Despite the smaller, this planner is very good at storing lots of goodies and is the perfect size for when on the go.

This planner is actually a very decent price, especially for anyone just starting out in the planner community.  It is 47.25 US Dollars or 32 Pounds, which I believe is pretty reasonable especially since it has a high quality finish on it.

Sadly, because of this planner's finish, it is very prone to scratches and dirt.  Although mine has held up very well over the year, it still quite a few scratches and smudges, so I recommend storing it in a cloth bag when not being used (which I sadly didn't do).  Therefore, if you are the type of person to just throw your planner in the car, your purse, or etc. without delicate handling, I do not recommend this planner for you.

This planner is intended to be very slim, Filofax definitely optimized the space and fit quite a few pockets including two credit card holders, a flap pocket, and a one vertical pocket in the back of the planner.  Some look for as many pockets as possibly, but I really like the amount of pockets in this planner.

Overall Opinion
Overall, I really love this planner and I totally recommend it to anyone.  The color is exactly how pictured and is perfect for me.  It is a great price and if treated with care, it will last forever.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this new segment.  Make sure to comment below!


  1. Nice to know about the finish. I definitely like throwing my planner in my purse so it wouldn't work for me. I appreciate that you mentioned that.

  2. It's a pretty, neutral-but-fun color, but I throw my planner around constantly. I have finally faced the reality that I can't do leather planners. :(

    1. If you can't don't do leather planners you should totally check out Paperchase planners; I'm pretty sure they are canvas or cloth planners and they have super cute designs on them which is a cool alternative to leather planners ;)