My View on Using Multiple Planners

May 21, 2015

Whether it is blogs, social media, or from other planner geeks themselves, you'll see an abundance of people with more than one planner.  Some will interchange them, using them one at a time, while others will them all at a time.  As a person with multiple planners (my Filo and my Fauxdori), I believe in using multiple planners at one time. Here's why:

One planner equals limited space.

When I first received my Filofax, since I had no other planners I had tried my best to include all important parts of my daily life in my planner.  Even then, the space of my compact planner limited the options of my planning and I hated having to be contained in a way like that.  That's why I chose to make a Fauxdori for my blog planning to help open my space.  Even though now I have two planners, I'd still like to open up my options by getting more planners.  Do I believe in using to many planners at once?  Yes, even though it helps to "opening up" my planner, I think that it can be hard to manage them all at once.

Thank you for reading! Make sure to check out tomorrow's post!


  1. I like the limited space. It makes me choose widely.

    1. I used to feel exactly the same way, but once I started up my blog and my budgeting I felt the need to get new planners.