Finding Your Perfect Ring Bound Planner!

October 07, 2015

Sometimes when you jump into planner world, you aren't really sure where to start.  When I first found out about Filofaxes and other ring bound planner systems, I had no idea what style I wanted, what size I wanted, and the only thing I really knew was that I wanted a ring bound planner.  But even then, I didn't really know how many options there were, and honestly if I could go back to choose my first planner, I would have made a totally different decision.

Ring Bound Planners:
  • Refillable
  • Wide range of sizes and styles
  • Offers many ways of customization (i.e. Placement of inserts, you can choose/make your own dividers, etc.)
  • Mini: This isn't a size available in the Filofax USA site, but I am pretty sure it is available on most of their other Filofax sites. The paper size is super duper small! I know a reasonable amount people use this size, but I recommend this size if you plan very lightly.
  • Pocket: This is also a size on the smaller size.  Lately it has been commonly used for wallet system (something I'd love to try!) and is also used for on the go planning.  This size is also used for light planning but is larger than the mini by a reasonable amount.
  • Personal: This is like the standard size for most planners (it's the size I use). This can also be used for on the go planning and is a great to stick in a purse or briefcase.
  • A5: This is the largest size planner you can get (besides the A4 or Letter sized planners which aren't commonly used) and is mostly used for desktop planning. This is the ideal size for heavy planning.
  • Filofax (it's like the Big Kahuna of ring bound planners)
  • Kikki K
  • Webster's Pages
  • Love Doki
And SO MUCH MORE!!! Sometimes it can be tricky picking out your first ring bound planner, especially considering all the options out there, so I hope this article helped you narrow it down! Make sure to share your the ring bound planner love on Instagram with the hashtag #planitwithbeth and make sure to tag me!

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