The Front of my Planner

April 30, 2015

Since my planner is in shambles, (see my article, An Update on my Planner...), I have been constantly adjusting and tidying and organizing. During this process, I have been able to perfect the front of my planner, which to me is one of the most important parts of a planner to have organized. Here's why:

Imagine your next week is going to be a total chaos of events and errands, (but who knows, it might already be like that) and the first thing you do is open up your planner, only to find a mess in the front. After this, you feel discouraged to continue on further in the rest of your planner, and instead you just write down your schedule on a stray notepad just laying around.

To conclude: the front of your planner has to be pleasing to you, or else you will be discouraged from continuing on in your planner. Think of the front of your planner like the beginning of a book, if you don't like the way it starts, you may not want to finish it. That's why I have decided to perfect the front of my planner, and here it is:

Ta da! What do you think? Now just in case you were interested in anything that I have in the front of my planner, here's what I used:

  1. Bow Paper Clip- Made by me, using the tutorial here
  2. Notepad- Flip Notes Refill pad
  3. Layered Pocket- Made by me, using the tutorial here
  4. Washi Tape on Layered Pocket- HeroNeo? Click here
  5. Eiffel Tower Sticker Flake- World of Kawaii Etsy Shop (click here)
  6. Fish Sticker- Unknown
So that wraps up today's post! Make sure to comment below and tell me what you think!

My Inspiration: kikki.K Mountains Collection!

April 26, 2015

Hey everyone!  As you know, when decorating and putting together my planner, I take a variety of different inspirations.  Lately, one of the biggest inpirations I've taken from lately is the new Mountains collection by kikki.K.  It is a very graphic and modern collection, which goes great with any planner, especially one of their newest organizers, a Textured Leather Time Planner in Ocean. In other words:



Isn't it the perfect pairing?  The Mountains collection is very versatile and creative, great for any planner geek.  At the moment, I am absolutely obsessed with the mountains collection, and I am hoping to buy the Mountains Paper Book to use for future DIY videos for the blog!  Make sure to comment below and tell me what you think of the Mountains collection and your favorite product in the Mountains collection! Bye!

An Update On My Planner...

April 25, 2015

Now I'm not gonna sugar coat this: right now my planner is in shambles.  Now this is not because I have not formed a system for my planner, because I have, but it is because I am taking the risk to make an entirely new one. I know, I know, why create a new system when you spent all this time and dedication to making one that's perfect for me?

Well here's your answer: times change. Needs change. I change. Because of this, my planner needs to change with me.  This is why I am making a new system for myself, one that I can change along with me. Now this will definitely take me a while to accomplish, but I am looking forward to sharing my experience with everyone :).

So that wraps up my short lil' update.  Make sure to check for tomorrow's post!

DIY Planner Kit (Made out of a card case!)

Hey everyone! Lately my creative juices have really been flowing (always a good thing!), so when I recieved a freebie card case from a convention, the first thing I thought of was a planner case.  As an on-the-go girl, I am always looking for ways to bring my deco-planning with me, so a compact card case is perfect! Here's some pics of the case:

In this case, I was able to fit 2 gift cards wrapped in washi tape (for an on-the-go washi tape storage solution), a small stack of stick on dividers, some DIY washi tape stickers I made, 2 paperclips, and more! It is a truly great way to store a large amount of planner supplies without hauling around a large bag to hold it all. Feel free to try it out and make sure to comment and tell me what you think!

3 Tips for any Beginner Planner Geek (Perfect Planners: A Guide to the World of Planners Part 1)

April 24, 2015

Hey everybody! If you have signed up for my email newsletter, you know that I have officially started my new mini series Perfect Planners: A Guide to the World of Planners.  In this series, I will teach you the basics of starting and organizing a planner through an assortment of videos, tutorials, and articles on my blog.  Today I will be starting my first article in the series, 3 Tips for any Beginner Planner Geek.  In this article, I will give you 3 tips for when you first start up your planner:
  1. Decorating before organizing:
  • This is definitely one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a planner geek. Though it may seem as one of those "I'm gonna ignore Beth and just decorate my planner to my heart's desire" situations, it's not.  If you procede to go ahead and washi tape and sticker-fy your planner without setting up a system in the planner itself, you create an even more difficult situation for yourself.  It can be extremely confusing and frustrating, and in the end of it, you further stray from the ultimate goal of having a more organized lifestyle.

     2.  Decorating without actually planning:
  • Although decorating is what makes planning fun, there's no purpose to be decorating when you don't do any planning. Make sure to dedicate time to planning and organizing so your decorating will not be in vain.

     3.  Don't be afraid to mix things up:

  • Remember that making a planner system that is right for you is a trial and error process, so sometimes you need to take risks that at first might be a struggle, but will pay off in the long run. Remember to take risks!
Thanks for reading! Make sure to comment and tell me other tips you have for beginner planner geeks!

Make Expenses Fun! *FREEBIE*

April 11, 2015

Hey everybody!  Sorry I wasn't here for Filofaxer of the Week (hopefully this wasn't too much of a disapointment to everyone), so I thought I'd make it to you with a freebie! This particular freebie is meant for recording expenses and purchases, so it is great for keeping records of all different purchases.  The format of this printable has very loose and adaptable format, making it very adjustable for anyone. Now that I have done my fair share of blabbering, here are some pictures of the printable itself and the printable inside of my Filofax:

Cool huh? But don't worry, you can have one too! Just click the links below for Pocket (Small), Personal (Medium), and A5 (Large) sizes!

A5 Size
Personal Size
Pocket Size

To Do List with Bees *FREE PRINTABLE*

April 01, 2015

   Hey everybody! I'm really excited to announce that my very first printable has officially arrived! After many hours of creating, refining, and photographing, it is officially ready for you to print! It is for personal sized Filofaxes or medium sized Kikki-k Planners. In the future I will be attempting to do pocket sized and A5 sizes in the future. So here's a couple pictures of it in my Filofax:
     And of course, you need your copy, too! Please click below for your very own Personal To Do List with Bees!

Download File

Greetings from me!

Hey everybody! I'm Beth, and I'd like to thank you for visiting my blog! This for my record, is my very first post, and I'm super excited to share my Filofax wisdom and being able to share ideas with you.

So a little about my background. I'm a student who loves stationary and all papery things, making Filofaxes perfect for me. After mastering the zen of my Filofax and planners, I'm ready to start to share it with you, my (hopefully) loyal readers.

So lets get planning!