February 19, 2016

My life has been absolutely crazed lately!  I have been going through a pretty sudden move, so it has been pretty hard to post (so sorry!).  No that things have settled down a bit, I really want to get my blogging mojo back.  But there's a problem.

I'm stumped.

Absolutely positively stumped. I have no clue what to write, no clue what to post, no clue what to do. I feel bad that I haven't been providing much content overall, on both my blog or my Instagram, and I really want to escape from this sticky creative trap.  So who better than my fantastic readers to help me out with that?

I want to hear what you want to read!  Is there something in my planner you want to see?  Do you want to know what supplies I use?  Whatever it is, I want to hear it! Please help me out of this slump so I can get back to blogging again!