Getting Started with a Planner Focused Blog

September 19, 2015

Have you ever dreamed of started your on planner blog? Do you just not know where to even start? Well this is the post for you! In this post I'll share my tips and tricks of starting your own planner blog. Enjoy!

Step 1: Jump into the planner pool!

Sometimes jumping into the planner world can feel like jumping into a cold pool. There's just SO MUCH to it and sometimes it can be a little scary to jump in, much less start a blog about. But don't worry, YOU CAN DO IT! A lovely thing about the planner community is that we all help each other out, not matter if you are a planner expert or a planner newbie. If you ever feel discouraged, just remember that every single planner blog started off just like yours, and we all have to start somewhere!

Step 2: Write some 'YOU' posts!

A big mistake I made when I first started was that I was focusing too much on quantity over quality, and really got a wake up call about that when one of shortest posts I've ever written (which I thought was my worst post) made number two on the Philofaxy Web Finds list. I realized that this was one of the most important posts I had ever written, not because I got lots of of page views from it, but because it was my first true YOU post! 

YOU posts give you:


Of who you are and what you want to be doing!

That post showed me that I want to write posts that help guide them in the planner world and improve their planner. When writing YOU posts, remember to speak from the heart and don't write in way that isn't 100% you. Trust me, people will like the real you a lot better ;)

Step 3: Sign up for Philofaxy's Web Finds List!

Once you've written some good YOU posts, sign up for Philofaxy's Web Finds list! Philofaxy monitors tons of different planner blogs and every Saturday they post a list of the best planner posts of the week.  This is my main means of receiving traffic on my blog and is how I got my blog more well known. Although I still receive my own natural traffic now, Philofaxy gives me that extra boost I need. This is a great tool and is perfect for any planner blog just starting out.

To sign up: go to (sorry my links aren't working!) and go to their newest Web Finds post. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the post and the instructions will be there.

Step 4: Keep on writing!

Now that you've received some traffic, keep on writing! Try to create a schedule of when you'll do blog posts. Start off small since you are just starting your blog, but once you've gotten the knack of things you can increase the number of posts you do. Remember, sometimes it can be better to only have a couple quality posts rather than a ton of lower quality posts.

Once you've established your blog, try to create some social media accounts to promote it (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.).

Try to connect with other bloggers like you! You might be able to have them guest post on your blog!

Keep up with other planner blogs to stay up to date with trends and to get inspiration.

I hoped you liked today's post and that those of you who would like to start a planner blog feel more confident! If you just started a planner blog, I'd love to see it!  Just comment below with a link to your planner blog and I'll check it out. See you tomorrow!