An Update On My Planner...

April 25, 2015

Now I'm not gonna sugar coat this: right now my planner is in shambles.  Now this is not because I have not formed a system for my planner, because I have, but it is because I am taking the risk to make an entirely new one. I know, I know, why create a new system when you spent all this time and dedication to making one that's perfect for me?

Well here's your answer: times change. Needs change. I change. Because of this, my planner needs to change with me.  This is why I am making a new system for myself, one that I can change along with me. Now this will definitely take me a while to accomplish, but I am looking forward to sharing my experience with everyone :).

So that wraps up my short lil' update.  Make sure to check for tomorrow's post!


  1. I hope you come out of shambles to order soon!

  2. I hope you will be blogging about your new system when the time comes! :)